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Demystifying Common Core

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Demystifying the Common Core

Friday, April 11, 2014   NH Environmental Educators Annual Conference, AMC Highland Center, Bretton Woods, NH 



The Common Core has been at the heart of local debates nationally and locally. This workshop will dive deeply into the study of the Common Core standards through the use of case studies at elementary, middle and high school levels as one way to address college and career readiness in New Hampshire. We will examine the relationship between Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and 21st Century Skills and look at ways environmental education can support these initiatives with a focus on STEM needs in our state. Additionally, we can discuss the NH DOE's stance on these national standards and look at where we think the movement will be moving forward.


                                   presented by

Mary Earick                                                  Stan Freeda

Mary.Earick@doe.nh.gov                                  Stanley.Freeda@doe.nh.gov

603-271-0552                                                  603-271-5132




New Hampshire Department of Education


Minimum Standards for School Approval

Information and Communications Technology Program Standards, Page 70 - 74.

Ed 306.42 (through July 1, 2015)

Ed 306.421 (after July 1, 2015)

Science Education Program Standards, Page 79 - 86.

Ed 306.45 (through July 1, 2015)

Ed 306.451 (after July 1, 2015)


College and Career Ready Competencies Aligned to Common Core State Standards

Mathematics Competencies

English Language Arts Competencies

Science Competencies


NH College and Career Ready Standards


NH Environmental Literacy Plan


A wide variety of resources are available from the Office of Educational Technology at the NH Department of Education.

Visit the Office of Educational Technology:

on NHEON.org.

on this Wiki site.

on the NH DOE website.



Collaboration Rings

NH Environmental Literacy

NH Common Core Ring



Some Presentations of Interest






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