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Web Tools - Projects and Ideas

Page history last edited by Noelle Taylor 11 years, 4 months ago

Contact Information

Stan Freeda   sfreeda@ed.state.nh.us


Project Plans, Ideas, and Resources

Add your project idea and any comments you would like below. 


Activity: Post your answers to the following questions on this page.

  • What is my topic/content area of interest?
  • Why did I choose that topic?
  • What Web 2.0 tool will I choose to integrate?
  • Why did you choose that tool?
  • How will I use it to engage my students in lessons about my special topic?
  • Questions or concerns you might have about using the tool for this lesson, or incorporating this tool into your curriculum? 

Help each other by posting suggestions to the Questions or Concerns of your colleagues either directly on the wiki page or in the discussion area below.




Comments (2)

Lindsay Frazier said

at 11:25 am on Jul 28, 2009

I chose to look up earth science. My students always have challenges with understanding rotation and revolution. We use visuals, such as getting up and rotating and revolving our bodies. However, I still wanted more resources. I found a wonderful site on Teacher Domain. It has tons of useful resources for science. There is a video I will definitely use to introduce rotation and revolution. There are also three activities that my students can do online after we've learned more about the topic. They can work independently or with a partner online.

Noelle Taylor said

at 11:31 am on Jul 28, 2009

As a sixth grade teacher I teach my own math. I found Thinkfinity to be a great site to find (not just math) links to engage students during a lesson as well as for follow up activities.

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