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Teaching With Web Tools - Program

Page history last edited by Stan Freeda 7 years, 3 months ago

Teaching and Learning Using Digital Tools and Resources

Mathematics and Science Summer Learning Experience, 2009

NH Science Teachers Association Fall Conference,   Monday, October 24, 2011

Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NHSTE Tech Teacher SIG  STEAM Ahead! Conference, Thursday, April 13, 2017




More and more students expect to be in control of their own learning.  The web, offers a variety of tools which are freely available and can be used to engage students in 21st Century learning.   Teachers can use these resources to create engaging lessons and activities that challenge their students.  At the same time, these lessons can be interactive and available at school, at home, or anywhere the student has internet access. You will receive a brief introduction to the kinds of free digital learning tools and resources available on the web for you to use. You will collaborate to explore and discuss potential uses of these tools to enhance your teaching.  This workshop is designed to be interactive and collaborative.  Bring your questions and your curiosity with you.  You will get access to a resource site where you can continue to share your ideas and resources with the group online, if you want.  You are encouraged to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity to access online resources, but it is not a requirement for participation. 


Resource Page          Projects and Ideas Page



Program Agenda for Web 2.0 Tools Workshop




Connectivity Issues?

Does everyone have a laptop and is able to get connected?

The Wiki Notice page has instructions for signing up on the wiki and getting connected at the conference.


Workshop Wiki

Join the wiki at http://mssle09.pbworks.com.  You can get your resources and information there, for all three of my workshops.

The site is open for everyone.  You can be a guest or a member.  Request to join. 

You have to a member to be able to post and edit.


Goals and Targets

Look at what our objectives and goals are for the workshop.

  • To learn about the various Web 2.0 tools available for teaching science.
  • To be inspired by these free resources and tools.
  • To discuss and consider how to best use these free tools to teach science.
  • To learn about ways to integrate Web 2.0 tools in your lessons.
  • To share our learning and help each other improve our teaching practices.


Brainstorm Topic of Interest

Think about something that you will be teaching in the upcoming school year that your students find particularly challenging.  You might want to supplement your lessons on the topic with an activity using Web 2.0 tools to help engagement.


Group Introductions and Web 2.0 Activity

Tool:  Padlet  www.padlet.com


Stan already set up a wall with Wallwisher at  https://padlet.com/stanfreeda/stan-web20tools

See how it works!  Go to the link and leave us a message.

  • What's your name?
  • What is your content area?
  • What Grade Level do you teach?


While the group is posting the messages, you can take a look at the Web 2.0 tools quiz.  Just how Web 2.0 savvy are you?

  • Take the Web tools online quiz: How Web 2 are you?
  • Look at the Web 2.0 Logo pictures in the Images folder.



Tool:  Wordle    www.wordle.net

We're going to make a word picture using some text.

Go to National Academy of Science Statement on Evolution (1984):  http://ncse.com/media/voices/national-academy-sciences-1984  

Grab the text.

Go to Wordle:  http://www.wordle.net/ 

Paste into Wordle.

Hit Go to make a Wordle. 

The Wordle you make can be edited for font, color, layout, and language. 

Let's see how the Maximum Word Count can be used to enhance the activity.



Discussion Questions:

      • Is this tool useful for teaching? 
      • How can you use it in your teaching?
      • How can your students use it for learning?



Why use Web 2.0 tools?

Take a look at Web 2.0 and see what is offered in the digital world.





  • Explore the Online Tools page from Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything to get an idea of the extend of the tools available.



Explore Web 2.0 Tools and Resources

  • Types of tools available.  Not a complete list!
    • scaffolding, posters, demonstration products / graphic organizers
    • Pictures, drawings, images or movies / video
    • speeches, or live presentations, or verbal communication / audio
    • general resource lists / bookmarking
    • copying material / file sharing
    • discussions, comments, notes during activities / back channeling
    • creation of reports, or flyers, or presenting information collected / wikis, blogs
    • lists of specific resources or information / aggregators



Discussion Questions:

      • Do you use these kinds of tools in your teaching?
      • How do you use them?
      • How do your students use them?


  • Think about the challenging topic you brainstormed earlier.
  • Take time to explore some of the resources on the Information page. 
  • With your topic of interest in mind, think about ways in which you could integrate using the Web 2.0 resource to engage your students to learn the topic more effectively.
  • Go to the Web 2.0 Tools Workshop Summary Sheet that is shared on Google Docs.
  • Record your topic and idea under the Type of Tool you thought you might use to enhance your lesson.


Tool:  Google Docs   www.docs.google.com

We're going to use the Web 2.0 Tools Workshop Summary document on Google docs.

The document is set to be shared with anyone who has the link



Let's take a few minutes to share the ideas we came up with.

We can share our ideas and post our plans to the wiki so we can all collaborate and share the work we've done today.



Final Thoughts and Outcome Review

Let's see what we've learned today, and whether or not we've met our goals.

  • Have we met our goals for this session?


Final Questions and Continued Learning

Talk about any final thoughts or questions and continue our discussion on the wiki.

This wiki is an open resource.  Tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Feel free to explore the resources for my other workshops as well.





Work on a Web 2.0 Tool Lesson Integration Plan

Self-directed activity that provides you with the opportunity to consider integrating one of the Web 2.0 tools into your lessons to engage students with difficult topics or concepts. 

Take some time to research the web, explore uses of the tools, and review some of the resources on the wiki.


  • What does integration mean?

Activity: Think about these questions.  Briefly write them in a text document, if you'd like.

  • What is my topic/content area of interest?
  • Why did I choose that topic?
  • What Web 2.0 tool will I choose to integrate?
  • Why did you choose that tool?
  • How will I use it to engage my students in lessons about my special topic?
  • Questions or concerns you might have about using the tool for this lesson, or incorporating this tool into your curriculum?  

Post you Answers on the Projects and Ideas page for sharing with others.

Feel free to use the Lesson Plan Template, available on this wiki page.  The template uses backward design to plan a lesson integrating Web 2.0 tools.


Professional Development

A word about other professional development opportunities from OPEN NH.

OPEN NH Professional Development opportunities in the form of 7 week Facilitated Courses and Self Paced Tutorials. OPEN NH offers special training in Online Course Facilitation and/or Development that can help you learn more about it.


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Donna Houle said

at 11:32 am on Jul 28, 2009

I found these sites and tools very helpful. I plan on creating a collaborative global activity with the 5th grade on Biomes. I am not sure at this time which one of the projects to join or which tool I will use. I can see myself using many of the tools.

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