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Engaging With Internet Resources - Program

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Creating Engaging and Interactive Science Activities Using Internet Resources

Mathematics and Science Summer Learning Experience, 2009

Resource Page            Projects and Ideas Page



Participants will receive a brief introduction to a variety of science learning sites freely available on the web. The main emphasis of the workshop will be an inquiry based activity in which participants will work in grade level groups to explore and discuss the uses of these interactive sites for teaching.  Each group will create a lesson plan that integrates use of the site to engage students in learning science.  This workshop is designed to be interactive and collaborative.  Participants will use a wiki site to share their ideas with the group online.  A computer with wireless access is required.


Program Agenda for Internet Resources Workshop




Connectivity Issues?

Does everyone have a laptop and is able to get connected?

The Wiki Notice page has instructions for signing up on the wiki and getting connected at the conference.


Workshop Wiki

Join the wiki at http://mssle09.pbworks.com.  You can get your resources and information there, for all three of my workshops.

The site is open for everyone.  You can be a guest or a member.  Request to join. 

You have to a member to be able to post and edit.


Group Introductions and Activity

Venn Diagram activity using the 2 circle  Venn Diagram application from ReadWriteThink.

Venn Diagram activity using the 3 circle Venn Diagram application from ReadWriteThink.

Wordle Diagram activity using Wordle

We're going to make a word picture using our information.

  • What is your name?
  • What is your content domain?
  • What grade level do you teach?


Brainstorm Topic of Interest

Think about something that you will be teaching in the upcoming school year that your students find particularly challenging.  You might want to supplement your lessons on that topic using internet resources.


Goals and Targets

Look at what our objectives and goals are for the workshop.

  • To learn about the wide range of resources available on the internet for teaching science.
  • To be inspired by these free resources, tools, and tutorials.
  • To discuss and consider how to best use these resources to engage our students in science.
  • To learn about ways to integrate internet resources in your daily teaching practice.
  • To share our learning and help each other improve our teaching practices.


Intel Thinking with Technology Tools

Look at the 3 tools that Intel has for use and discuss their uses in helping engage students in science.

Go to Intel Teaching Tools.  "Try the Tool".  Look at the "Demo".

First, we will look at the tools generally as a group and then explore them in greater details with a partner.



Look at the Resources from Science Net Links and other Thinkfinity partners.

Visit the Gravity Launch activity.

Look at the Gravity Launch Lesson.


National Science Teachers Learning Center

Look at the resources from the Learning Center.  NH has a partnership with NSTA.

OPEN NH has Open Access subscription to all resources.

Look at the portfolio tool.


Resources on the Web

  • Explore the web resources on the Information page independently or in teams.
  • Consider the topic you chose in the brainstorm activity. 
  • Specifically look for resources that deal with your topic or concept.
  • Consider ways in which you could incorporate one or more internet resources when you teach those topics. 


Work on a Lesson Plan that Integrates One or More Internet Resources

Self-directed activity that provides you with the opportunity to consider integrating one of the Web 2.0 tools into your lessons to engage students with difficult topics or concepts. 

Take some time to research the web, explore uses of the tools, and review some of the resources on the wiki.


  • What does integration mean?

Activity: Answer the following questions in a text document.

  • What is my topic/content area of interest?
  • Why did I choose that topic?
  • What internet resource will I choose to integrate?
  • Why did you choose that resource?
  • How will I use it to engage my students in lessons about my special topic?
  • Questions or concerns you might have about using the resource for this lesson, or incorporating these kinds of resources into your curriculum?

Post you Answers on the Projects and Ideas page for sharing.


Share the Integrated Lesson Ideas

Let's take a few minutes to share the ideas we came up with.

We can share our ideas and post our plans to the wiki so we can all collaborate and share the work we've done today.


Professional Development

A word about other professional development opportunities from OPEN NH.

OPEN NH Professional Development opportunities. Facilitator and Developer training is offered as well.

Thinkfinity has professional development opportunities. You can become a field trainer.

Intel Education has professional development opportunities.  You can become a field trainer.


Final Thoughts and Outcome Review

Let's see what we've learned today, and whether or not we've met our goals.

  • Have we met our goals for this session?


Final Questions and Continued Learning

Talk about any final thoughts or questions and continue our discussion on the wiki.

This wiki is an open resource.  Tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Feel free to explore the resources for my other workshops as well.



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