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NH Technology Planning - Program

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The NH Technology Planning and Review Process

Christa McAuliffe Technology  Conference, Wednesday, November 28, 2012    



With the close of the ESEA Title IID Enhancing Education Through Technology program, and the mystery of what might be in store for technology funding and programs, there is a need to refresh the NH District Technology Plan guidelines and approval process.  A team of NH educators have been working on this project for several months.  This workshop will take you through the elements of the redesigned tech plan and approval process, in its most current iteration.  Regardless of where the team is in the process, you’ll be able to identify connections to the NH ICT Literacy Standards, the National Educational Technology Plan, our NH State Technology Plan, and the Common Core State Standards.  The team also plans on making connections other school improvement and professional development plans so that the district technology plan your committee develops will have relevance, meaning, and usefulness to your school and community.    You are encouraged to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity to access online resources, but it is not a requirement for participation.



Program Agenda for Next Generation Learning Workshop



    • Welcome
    • Connectivity Issues
    • Workshop Wiki Space
    • Goals and Targets
    • Objectives of the Working Committee
    • Overview of the Current Progress
    • Progressing Forward and Next Steps
    • Drawing for Bling



Brief introduction of Stan and the items he brought for you.

A brief introductory question for everyone.   Why did you select this workshop?


Connectivity Issues?

Does everyone have a laptop and is able to get connected?

The Wiki Notice page has instructions for signing up on the wiki and getting connected at the conference.


Workshop Wiki

My presentations are all available on a wiki at http://mssle09.pbworks.com.  You can get your resources and information there, for all of my workshops.

The site is open for everyone.  


Goals and Targets

Look at what our objectives and goals are for the workshop.

  • To understand the goals of a district technology plan.
  • To understand the revision process for technology plan development and evaluation that is happening as a collaborative effort of NH tech educators.
  • To identify resources that are available for use when developing a technology plan.
  • To recognize connections between the NH District Technology Plan and other educational initiatives.


Drawing for Bling

Put your name/email address on the card for fun and prizes! Or just to stay connected!


Objectives of the Working Committee

The goal of the Office of Educational Technology in convening this group was to develop and utilize a crowd-sourced, collaborative process that would redesign the required district technology plan and review/approval process.  District Technology committees would produce meaningful, action-oriented plans that were simple to use, easy to evaluate, produce meaningful data, and were specifically targeted to use an integrated technology approach to improve learning. 


Three Objectives Derived from the Goal:

Review Process – Develop an overall review process that contained elements of collaboration, continuous improvement, positive critique and support, and useful feedback, in a timely manner.  Then, to outline overall architecture of that process for an implementation phase.
Tech Plan Template – Develop an overall template for the District Technology Plan and design a complimentary rubric that was formative in nature, and could help provide useful feedback in terms of quality of plan design, implementation, and evaluation.  A simple, targeted plan for increasing technology use by students for learning, and evaluating its effectiveness.
Minimum Standards for ICT Literacy – Review the current ED 306.42 Standards for School Approval, in terms of their impact and importance to the plan, in order to provide guidance and feedback to the Board of Education as they work to change and adopt new minimum standards to replace/enhance/update/clarify the current standards, which expire in 2014.


Overview of the Current Progress


Face to Face Meetings

Meet face to face at the DOE, and online via Google Drive document, email, and Collaborative Ring.

July 24, 2012 - 10:00 12:00 at DOE.   Notes from the meeting are available.
September 27, 2012 - 10:00 12:00 at DOE.  Notes from the meeting are available.
December 6, 2012 :10:00 - 12:00 at DOE.
March 14, 2013 : 10:00 - 12:00 at DOE.
July 11, 2013 :  10:00 - 12:00 at DOE.


Subcommittees or sub groups

 Collaboration Ring
Lynne Phillips will organize the Collaboration Ring and manage it through the NH Digital Resources Consortium.

The Ring will be our way to communicate as well as a resource site for district tech planning committees.
NH Tech Planning Committee Collaborative Ring
All Tech Planning Committee Members could/should join and share/collaborate across districts.

Minimum Standards

Our current standards will expire in 2014.  We will have to plan to review ED 306.42 and update.  We should be available and provide input suggestions for DOE team.  The exact process is not known, but we are starting early as this coincides with our needs to revise the technology plan. 
Laura Nelson, Pam Carr, and Linda Heuer will work on this subcommittee, though others are welcome to join in!

Technology Plan Review Process

This group will develop the overall review process, outline overall architecture, and process of submitting, reviewing, and approving district tech plans.
Steve Hoyt and Julie Quenelle volunteered to lead this subcommittee, though all are welcome.

Technology Plan Refresh -

This group will develop the Tech Plan Template and requirements.   They will build an outline the architecture of it, and the rubric needed to evaluate and approve the plan.

Dave Backler volunteered to work on this subcommittee, though others are welcome.


Progressing Forward and Next Steps

Open discussions.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with the Tech Plan Refresh Working Group on the Ideas for the NH Technology Plan document shared in Google Docs.




NH Tech Planning Committee Collaborative Ring



Online Guide at http://www.nheon.org/oet/tpguide/

e-Rate Central  Tech Plan Primer  http://www.e-ratecentral.com/applicationTips/techPlan/


National Ed Tech Plan at  http://www.ed.gov/technology/netp-2010


ICT Literacy Standards   http://www.nheon.org/ictliteracy/kit1.html

4 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Educational Technology from Edudemic
-Good article.  These questions are already designed into our plan guide, but are often ignored.

Six Resources Every Teacher Should Have from eClassroom News





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