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Next Generation Learning Program

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Preparing You and Your Students for Next Generation Learning

NH Science Teachers Association Spring Conference,   Monday, March 12, 2012

NH Science Teachers Association Fall Conference,   Monday, November 5, 2012

Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NEA New Hampshire Spring Conference, Saturday, April 5, 2014   10:45a-12:15p Room 2303/2305.



Teaching in the 21st Century involves a broader understanding of teaching practices than ever before.  Engaging students in new and innovative ways is a challenge faced by all teachers.  Students expect their learning to be relevant and to be in control of it, for the most part. As New Hampshire schools continue to innovate and move toward competency based teaching and learning, teachers must understand how to update their teaching practices to accommodate the shift in focus from teaching in the 20th Century to learning in the 21st Century.  While there are plenty of initiatives for the improvement of education, they all seem to be focused around six critical attributes that have been used to define 21st Century learning in one way of another.  In this workshop, you will explore these six essential conditions necessary for moving teaching and learning into the next generation.  As you gain a deeper understanding of the conditions for next generation learning, you will also consider and discuss ways in which you can incorporate these conditions into your teaching practices.  This workshop is designed to be discussion based and interactive.  You are encouraged to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity to access online resources, but it is not a requirement for participation. 


Resources Page


Program Agenda for Next Generation Learning Workshop



    • Welcome
    • Connectivity Issues
    • Workshop Wiki Space
    • Goals and Targets
    • Drawing for Bling
    • Critical Attributes of Next Generation Learning
    • Group Selection and Inquiry Activity
    • Report out. Discuss. Wrap Up.




Brief introduction of Stan and general intros from those present. 

A brief introductory question for everyone.   Why did you select this workshop?



Connectivity Issues?

Does everyone have a laptop and is able to get connected?

The Wiki Notice page has instructions for signing up on the wiki and getting connected at the conference.



Workshop Wiki

Join the wiki at http://mssle09.pbworks.com.  You can get your resources and information there, for all three of my workshops.

The site is open for everyone.  You can be a guest or a member.  Request to join. 

You have to a member to be able to post comments.



Goals and Targets

Look at what our objectives and goals are for the workshop.

  • To understand the six critical attributes of Next Generation Learning.
  • To identify short term and long term ways to incorporate these attributes into your classroom.
  • To recognize how technology and digital learning can impact next generation learning.



Drawing for Bling

Put your name/email address on the card for fun and prizes! Or just to stay connected!



Critical Attributes of Next Generation Learning

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) have done work to define Next Generation Learners and are working to transform our schools.  You can read about the Next Generation Learning Initiative and the six critical attributes for next generation learning on their website.   http://www.ccsso.org/What_We_Do/Next_Generation_Learners.html 


Recommended:  Watch this version of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson from www.theRSA.org

other videos on the RSA You Tube Channel.


Group Selection and Inquiry Activity

Group Selection 

Tool:  Padlet  www.padlet.com


Stan already set up a wall with Wallwisher at http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/nextgenlrn

See how it works!  Go to the link and leave us a message.

  • What's your name?
  • What is your content area?
  • What Grade Level do you teach?
  • Which critical attribute interests you most?
    • Personalized Learning
    • Systems of Support
    • World Class Knowledge and Skills
    • Performance Based Learning
    • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
    • Authentic Student Voice



Group Activity 

Explore  the resources provided below for your group's attribute.

Decide among your group and make a plan for how you will use the resources to learn about your attribute.

Follow the plan to learn more about your resource.

Write a Summary Report using the Next Generation Learning Workshop Summary Report on Google Docs. 

  • What do you think about the value of this attribute to student learning?
  • What is the status of this attribute in your schools/districts?
  • How might you accomplish incorporating, enhancing, or improving this attribute in your schools/districts?
  • What are some challenges to doing this?
  • How might you overcome these challenges?


Next Generation Learning Workshop Summary Report




Report Out. Discuss. Wrap Up

Review the individual group reports on the Next Generation Learning Workshop Summary Report.

Add any additional comments.

Address any additional questions.

Evaluation:  Did you get what you needed out of the workshop?





Visit the Next Generation Learning Resources Page for a growing list of online resources.


Six Attributes

Resources that support or explain the individual attributes and demonstrate their importance to Next Generation Learning.


Planning for Personalized Learning

Personalizing learning calls for a data-driven framework to set goals, assess progress, and ensure students receive the academic and developmental supports they need.


Personalization on Practical Theory, Chris Lehman's blog   http://practicaltheory.org/serendipity/index.php?/archives/1343-Personalization.html 

Read this short editorial to avoid the "personalization trap".


Personalized Student Learning Plans - New Jersey Department of Education



'Mass Customized Learning': The Key to Education Reform? - eSchool News



Digital Learning Now: Element #3 Personalized Learning


The Ministry of Education in British Columbia produced this video on the "Perfect Storm" (1:51)


Ken Robinson gives a TED Talk (20:57)



Comprehensive Systems of Learning Supports

Comprehensive systems of learning supports address social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development along a continuum of services to ensure the success of all students.


Comprehensive System of Learning Supports from Ohio State University



Moving Towards a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports: The Next Evolutionary Stage in School Improvement Policy and Practice



National Center on Response to Intervention



Response to Intervention from NH DOE




World Class Knowledge and Skills

World-class knowledge and skills require achievement goals to sufficiently encompass the content knowledge and skills required for success in a globally-oriented world.


Every Student Deserves World Class Knowledge and Skills by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills


Digital Learning Now: Element #5 Content


Partnership for 21st Century Skills



ISTE NETS Standards



Common Core State Standards Initiative



Next Generation Science Standards



New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks



Backward Design Process


Backward Design 101



Understanding By Design




Performance Based Learning

Performance-based learning and assessment puts students at the center of the learning process by enabling the demonstration of mastery based on high, clear, and commonly-shared expectations.


Project Based Learning: An Overview from Edutopia



Inquiry Teaching Approach Video Project


Project Based Learning Explained


It" really, actually changed my life."



Anywhere, Anytime Opportunities

Anytime, everywhere opportunities provide constructive learning experiences in all aspects of a child’s life, through both the geographic and the Internet-connected community.


The Flipped Classroom Infographic



Flipping the Classroom from Tech & Learning



The Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos Caitlin Tucker's Blended Learning & Technology in the Classroom



The Flipped Classroom: Pros and Cons fro Edutopia



A First Hand Look Inside a Flipped Classroom from e-School News



Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Program Planning, Implementation, and Sustainability



Anytime Anywhere Learning Plan District 219



District 219 Video on their Learning Plan



Authentic Student Voice

Authentic student voice is the deep engagement of students in directing and owning their individual learning and shaping the nature of the education experience among their peers.


Incorporating Student Voice into Teaching Practice



Defining Student Voice



Kentucky School District Student Voice Initiative


Student Voice from Edequity


Student Centered Approach



40 Sites for Educational Games




General Resources

Resources Page  


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