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OPEN NH Program

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e-Learning for Educators, OPEN NH, and You

NH Science Teachers Association Spring Conference, 2011     New Hampshire Science Teachers Association        
Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, 2011, 2015    Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference    NH Society for Technology in Education 



Does your district have enough funds to meet its professional development needs?  Do you have the time to go to an all day workshop?  If you’re like most teachers, the answer to those questions is “no.”  The NH Department of Education offers support for teachers with limited time and money for professional development with the NH e-Learning for Educators program.  New Hampshire e-Learning for Educators is run out of the Office of Educational Technology at the NH Department of Education and offers you high quality, cost effective professional development that can increase both your content knowledge and your teaching skills, through OPEN NH. OPEN NH offers facilitated, 7-week courses, and self paced tutorials, delivered in an asynchronous format, and 100% online. No more driving, or trying to find a substitute!  You can do it all in an online in a format that gives you the flexibility you need!  In this workshop, you will get a brief orientation to the NH e-Learning for Educators project, preparing to celebrate its 10th Anniversary, and an introduction to our asynchronous, online, discussion based learning model.  You will collaboratively experience an OPEN NH online course through activities that simulate our online course delivery.  A discussion of the flexibility of professional development opportunities available through OPEN NH will be followed by a brainstorming session on what would specifically meet your professional development needs as a teacher in the 21st Century. You are encouraged to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity to access online resources, but it is not a requirement for participation.




View the Workshop Presentation on Google Slides 



Program Agenda



Alliteration Game.

Introduce yourself by choosing an adjective to modify your name that starts with the same first letter.

For additional fun, try to add your location, position, or another description that rhymes! 

Here’s mine! Supportive Stan, the New Hampshire eLearning man.


Post your welcome on our Padlet OPEN NH & You wall!

Go to the wall directly at http://padlet.com/stanfreeda/opennh-you 

Orientation to the Project

New Hampshire e-Learning for Educators offers online professional development courses through our Online Professional Educators Network for NH (OPEN NH). Our 100% online courses allow you to earn 35 contact hours that can be used to renew your current educator credentials.
Optional graduate credits are available through Plymouth State University for all our courses.
Project began as a 5 year Ready to Teach Grant awarded to Alabama Public Television.
Ten States participate in the initiative.

The project is now continuing on as the e-Learning for Educators Consortium, with funding continuing from membership in the consortium.  CA, AZ, and a few other states out west have joined.


Online Courses and Tutorials

Go to www.opennh.org for information on what we offer.
  • 7 week facilitated online courses. (35 hours, $130)
  • a growing number of non-facilitated self paced tutorials (PD hours and cost vary with tutorial).
  • 7 week courses for teacher enhancement training in online development and facilitation (35 hours, $325)
  • Self-Paced non-facilitated tutorials. (hours and fees vary)


Experience an Online Course

Go to www.opennh.net.
Scroll to the Course Categories Header.
Look under Self Paced Tutorials.

Click on Open Tutorials.
Enter Being Successful with Online Learning.
The course is set up using our course framework.
The content of the course highlights of our course model.

Direct Link to mini-tutorial: Being Successful with Online Learning:  http://opennh.net/course/view.php?id=45 


Flexibility Discussion

Professional development opportunities through OPEN NH courses.
4 sessions each year.
District cohort special request.
Professional development opportunities through OPEN NH teacher enhancement courses.
Facilitating an Online Professional Development Course
Developing Effective Courses for Online and Blended Learning
District Deals for cohorts.
OPEN NH Cadre of trained facilitators available.
OPEN NH Cadre of trained developers available



Ground Rules of the Game:

Everybody has at least 1 general comment.
Everybody responds to at least 2 other comments.

Here is the framework for the Discussion:

Based on what you know about the OPEN NH, our course design and delivery model, and quality learning, in what ways can e-Learning for Educators help you, your school, and district provide a coherent and effective professional development program? Support your answers with at least one fact or idea from the presentation.

Note!  No one is taking score!


Wrap Up

Resources from Office of Educational Technology

NH Educators Online | www.nheon.org

Online Learning in NH | www.nheon.org/onlinelearning

ET News Blog  |  www.nheon.org/etnews

OET Workshop Wikie  |  www.mssle09.pbworks.com

Resources from NH e-Learning for Educators

OPEN NH website | www.opennh.org

OPEN NH course site | www.opennh.net

OPEN NH You Tube Channel | www.youtube.com/user/opennh

OPEN NH Twitter  |  www/twitter.com/opennh      @OPENNH

Resources from Stan

Twitter | www.twitter.com/stanfreeda       @StanFreeda

LinkedIn  |  www/linkedin.com/in/stanfreeda


Workshop Presentation on Google Slides    https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/184H-eWxlxT08uphnvyMjqDHjLqLJOmFuqkI16ruITVY/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000


2011 Presentation Archive



View Presentation on Voicethread.





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