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Grant Writing Jeopardy

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Grant Writing Jeopardy!

New Hampshire Summer Leadership Summit Conference, 2019   Monday, August 13; Southern New Hampshire University



 In this workshop, explore how to develop effective grant activities. Based on a backwards design approach, learn how to align your needs assessment, performance measures and outcomes with your grant activities. The presentation format is Jeopardy-style where the hosts will provide the answers and you must determine the appropriate questions to ask. Come join us for an exciting game of Grant Activity Jeopardy and take away strategies for successful grant writing.  And the Final Jeopardy answer is:  “Your grant was approved!”


The Jeopardy! Game Board



View the Grant Writing Jeopardy! Presentation on Google Drive.


Handout - Grant Writing Jeopardy! Answers and Questions - will be linked to document after the workshop!


Game Rules

Attendees will create equal size teams of 4-6 members.
A team will be chosen randomly to select a category and the value.
The clue, which is in the form of an answer, will be read out.
After listening to the clue, the teams will get 10 seconds to come up with their answer in the form of a question.
The team that signals first, will get a chance to answer.
The answer should be in the form of a question.
If that team answers correctly, the value of that clue is awarded to the team.
If the team gives an incorrect answer, those points will be subtracted from their score, and another team will get the chance to answer.
The round continues till all the 30 questions are answered.
Pass out copies of questions/answers to attendees.
Attendees will identify questions for discussion.
Final Jeopardy Round
Scores tallied. Winners announced.
Fun and prizes.



Title I - A Helping Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards

Title I-C  Education of Migratory Children

Title I-D  Program for Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk Students

Title II-A  Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals

Title III  Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students, K-12

Title IV-A  Student Support and Academic Enrichment

Title IV-A Project Planning Toolkit

Title IV-A Program Basics Workshop

Title IV-B  21st Century Community Learning Centers

          Every Student Succeeds Leadership Summit Resource Folder


Contact Information

Marcia McCaffrey          Marcia.McCaffrey@doe.nh.gov                603.271.3193
Stan Freeda                   Stanley.Freeda@doe.nh.gov                    603.271.5132






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